The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


Please bear with me as I learn and improve this site.

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13 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. I am SICK!…. (and tired) 🙂 of this BS notion that “we” (except native american indians) are ALL “Immigrants”! NO! “we” are not ALL “Immigrants”. “Immigrants” are people that once held allegiance somewhere else and then BECAME “Naturalized citizens” of the USA. Those of us BORN here (With American parents) are “Natural Born Citizens” (unlike Obungler)……
    (Rant over)

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  2. This has been bugging me for quite a while.
    It has to do with the “Heliocentric” model of the galaxy.

    Sun in the middle.
    Earth (and planets) rotate around the sun.
    The Earth rotates +/- 360 degrees per day.

    Ok, let’s look at this in a 2D projection like a clock face.
    Sun in the middle
    Earth is at 12 o’clock on December 1 at noon
    (December being the 12th month on clock face)
    You are standing on the face of the earth at this time
    since it is noon, you are looking south into the sun.
    (remember, the earth rotates +/- 360 degrees per day)

    As time (months) go by….
    we get to June 1 at noon
    (6 o’clock on the clock face)
    you would still be looking south because of the 24 hr days.

    Are you still looking INTO the sun?


    1. Hi rayzor….got this link over at Wolfie’s in one of yr replies to me…

      answer to yr question re Heliocentric = Yes…looking south into the SUN…if NORTH of The Tropic of Cancer.


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      1. No, that’s just you looking in the mirror.

        BTW, great blog you have here, rayzorhead. Let’s see, you have a grand total of two posters in a year’s time. LOL!


      2. Ooooo, you get likes. Oh my! Talk about being a childish DUMBFUCK, that would be you, poopie pants.

        You live for likes on blogs, huh? What a great goal to have. Loser.


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