15 thoughts on “I LOVE MY COUNTRY!

      1. Sometimes — I swear, I think God toys with me.
        Leaves me dangling out on and edge.
        Then, at the last minute…..
        It’s like he says, “Oops, sorry I forgot about you Daughn, was busy in the Middle East – here you go, let me help you”
        And wow, there he comes again to scoop me up.

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      2. People claim I use Jesus as a crutch…….
        I reply:
        Jesus is NOT my “crutch”…….
        HE…. is my STRETCHER!
        Without HIM…..
        I could not even LIMP into Heaven!
        HE…. Carries me through it ALL!

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      3. We seem to be good with the latest trajectory….. a little rain and minor winds expected here. Little Rock (Home of the Damn Dims) gonna get what’s been coming to them though.

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      4. Loved your article about Gunner!!!!!!
        YOU (and Big T) have set this kid up to be GREAT at whatever he does in life 🙂
        Who knows….. President someday?


  1. What many bloggers don’t understand is I’m not voting for Trump but for this country, for the people, and for the next generation. What I’ve seen in the past few years is a man working hard to support the Constitution (Many people don’t understand the constitution.), protect this nation, and support the freedoms here and abroad, most recently in the middle east, prayers for Israel. What is done is reality is what’s important, never mind the propagandists and bought out media. **One important lesson I’ve learned in life is when someone speaks, you know better who they are by those who speak against. The people I hear attacking our president I watch what they’re saying and how they’re saying it.

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